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Father’s Heart Mobility Ministry:

February 28, 2011

Father’s Heart Mobility Ministry is a new partner of Mission International.   Based in Gabba, Uganda this vital ministry provided wheelchairs for those who have difficulty in getting around.

There are many in the developing world due to great poverty who are unable to get around their homes, their compounds, their villages and towns, all because a wheelchair is too expensive for them.   Father’s Heart Mobility raises support in the developed world to help those who are in need in the developing world.   To see more on the work of Father’s Heart Mobility click here.

Ghana medical centre planned

September 1, 2010

After a recent trip to Ghana by two Mission International volunteers plans are under way to develop a medical centre to serve the remote Frafra community in Zuarungu, Bolgatanga in the north east region of Ghana.   The Foundation to Improve Lives Africa (FILA) has partnered with Mission International to raise the support and to establish this much needed centre which will provide medicines and medical care for the poor.   Pastor Peter Awane (Director of FILA) comments “…It is very great NEWS in the area about the coming medical centre.    One elderly woman said ” ooh Father God we can have a place to care for our sicknesses now”.    Others too, “our children our children will no longer die like fowls pastor in our hands because of lack of medicines. The Clinic Issue is spoken about more than the radio. Yes we are on our knees that the God who have started your fellowship with the Frafras will provide for this vital health need for us….”.

The picture below shows construction of the centre now under way.   Further funding is required to complete this centre and we hope to be able to raise this in order that the Frafra community will have the medical care they so much need.

Haiti receives medical support

April 9, 2010

Mission International has been able to send a small grant to bring food and medical support to needy children and families in Oanaminthe, Haiti.   We often take it for granted that medical care will be available due to the often maligned welfare state here in the UK but those in developing and poor countries are very grateful for any support they can get.   Mission International’s help is a small drop in the bucket in comparison to the huge interventions being undertaken by some of the world’s leading charities, however we are able to help via our partners there and as someone once said “we cant help everyone everywhere, but we can help somebody somewhere” seems to explain our philosophy of involvement.   To see more on Mission International’s efforts in Haiti please visit our blog

Historical view:

March 6, 2010

Uganda ‘The Home of AIDS’?

A lot has changed in the western world since the early 80s when it is believed AIDS/HIV was first detected.   Our lives have changed forever due to this ‘killer’ being out there in the community.  

Mission International’s director Hugh Henderson took this picture in 1989 whilst in Lugazi, Uganda.  The picture is pinned to the door of a medical dispensary and was at that time the only message the community had to warn them of the dangers of AIDS.  

Today the AIDS epedimic seems to remain in countries like Uganda.   Statistics are around to ‘prove’ that the situation is getting better which may ease our conscience in the western world.   Practitioners on the ground in Uganda however are convinced that the incidence of HIV/AIDS is growing faster than ever.

Our core values in Mission International make it necessary for us to respond to this international blight on humanity.   Our godly calling requires us to help the poor as they respond to it as it affects all of their lives in one way or another.   Western sufferers have the benefits of many anti retroviral drugs which are on the market, but where the problem is the greatest, amongst the world’s poor, the drugs are not so readily available.

The book ‘Aids is real and it’s in our Church’ is a helpful FREE teaching  volume.   This is just one way of many we can take steps to help churches and individuals deal with the scourge of AIDS.

Twinned with a loo in Burundi

February 9, 2010

To see this fun but interesting snippet click here

January 27, 2010

Mission Medics

Mission Medics (a project of Mission International) sends those involved in medicine as missioners into the developing world.


Mission Medics wishes to present a holistic approach to medicine.   We believe that a person is not just the body but that the whole person includes the soul as well.   With this in mind Mission Medics seeks to offer health to a person in both body and soul.   Those wishing to take part in a Mission Medics team should be prepared to share the Good News about Jesus Christ as well as deliver their God given skills in their part of medicine or support.

Personnel required:

  • Doctors
  • Medical students
  • Electives
  • Dentists
  • Hygienists
  • Nurses
  • Laboratory personnel
  • Educationalists
  • Support Staff

More information:

To find out more please contact us on

Mission International sends all kinds of teams, information on these can be found on

Mission Medics teams will be given this special space, so keep a look out to find out the news and updates on what Mission Medics is planning in the near future.

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