Ghana medical centre planned


After a recent trip to Ghana by two Mission International volunteers plans are under way to develop a medical centre to serve the remote Frafra community in Zuarungu, Bolgatanga in the north east region of Ghana.   The Foundation to Improve Lives Africa (FILA) has partnered with Mission International to raise the support and to establish this much needed centre which will provide medicines and medical care for the poor.   Pastor Peter Awane (Director of FILA) comments “…It is very great NEWS in the area about the coming medical centre.    One elderly woman said ” ooh Father God we can have a place to care for our sicknesses now”.    Others too, “our children our children will no longer die like fowls pastor in our hands because of lack of medicines. The Clinic Issue is spoken about more than the radio. Yes we are on our knees that the God who have started your fellowship with the Frafras will provide for this vital health need for us….”.

The picture below shows construction of the centre now under way.   Further funding is required to complete this centre and we hope to be able to raise this in order that the Frafra community will have the medical care they so much need.

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