Historical view:


Uganda ‘The Home of AIDS’?

A lot has changed in the western world since the early 80s when it is believed AIDS/HIV was first detected.   Our lives have changed forever due to this ‘killer’ being out there in the community.  

Mission International’s director Hugh Henderson took this picture in 1989 whilst in Lugazi, Uganda.  The picture is pinned to the door of a medical dispensary and was at that time the only message the community had to warn them of the dangers of AIDS.  

Today the AIDS epedimic seems to remain in countries like Uganda.   Statistics are around to ‘prove’ that the situation is getting better which may ease our conscience in the western world.   Practitioners on the ground in Uganda however are convinced that the incidence of HIV/AIDS is growing faster than ever.

Our core values in Mission International make it necessary for us to respond to this international blight on humanity.   Our godly calling requires us to help the poor as they respond to it as it affects all of their lives in one way or another.   Western sufferers have the benefits of many anti retroviral drugs which are on the market, but where the problem is the greatest, amongst the world’s poor, the drugs are not so readily available.

The book ‘Aids is real and it’s in our Church’ is a helpful FREE teaching  volume.   This is just one way of many we can take steps to help churches and individuals deal with the scourge of AIDS.

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