Mission Medics

Mission Medics (a project of Mission International) sends those involved in medicine as missioners into the developing world.


Mission Medics wishes to present a holistic approach to medicine.   We believe that a person is not just the body but that the whole person includes the soul as well.   With this in mind Mission Medics seeks to offer health to a person in both body and soul.   Those wishing to take part in a Mission Medics team should be prepared to share the Good News about Jesus Christ as well as deliver their God given skills in their part of medicine or support.

Personnel required:

  • Doctors
  • Medical students
  • Electives
  • Dentists
  • Hygienists
  • Nurses
  • Laboratory personnel
  • Educationalists
  • Support Staff

More information:

To find out more please contact us on missionmedics1@gmail.com

Mission International sends all kinds of teams, information on these can be found on www.mission-teams.org

Mission Medics teams will be given this special space, so keep a look out to find out the news and updates on what Mission Medics is planning in the near future.

Mission International – A charity registered in Scotland SC038645

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  1. alws17 Says:

    Yep – I think this is what we were looking for as a vision 🙂

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